This stolen bitch was found 8 years later in a calamitous

Emmy lived eight years of ordeal. Flying in 2009 in Cap d'Agde, she was found on June 13 in Vayres, in the terrible state of the Gironde.

Undernutrition, dehumanisation, scabies, to , these are the terms who were employed by the vet who saw Emmy. The poor dog was found in an indescribable state June 13 at the school of Saint-Sulpice-les-Cameyrac, Vayres in Gironde. It was 8 years since his masters were looking for him, after losing him in Cap d'Agde, Herault. They had finally lost all hope of seeing her someday.

The dog, unrecognizable

Against all odds, her masters were warned that their dog, identified, had been found. But Emmy had to endure the worst in recent years. It would probably have been used for breeding. When she was found, her vital prognosis was engaged, and unfortunately the poor dog died a few hours later. Her teachers have never been able to see her again.

Ever since, Emmy's story has been shared on social media. A Call for Witnesses has been launched and invites anyone who may have elements to find the culprit (s) to come forward. "There may be many other Emmy who stayed where she was detained," suggests the call for witnesses . "Out of respect for Emmy, being innocent, for all she has endured, do not let her down."

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