This reunion between a couple and their cat will move you a lot (Video)

Following a large mudslide, Lindsey and Woody Thompson thought never to see their cat again.

When the mud came, Lindsey and Woody Thompson were not sure they could get away with it. They even left a few farewell messages. But finally a helicopter came to rescue these two Californians who had to leave behind their beloved cat named Koshka.

Desperate to never see their cat again, Lindsey and Woody Thompson asked to assisting the Santa Barbara County Animal Services Association (SBCAS) to search the rubble of their home. Every day, the association goes on the spot, but to reach the house is perilous and in more than ten days nobody manages to enter the house.

A very moving reunion

C is finally last Monday that the SBCAS was able to enter the house where Koshka was immediately found, safe and sound. Luckily, the tomcat had nothing even if his fur was covered with mud.

When Koshka was taken to his masters, the tears started to flow right away. The emotion was particularly strong during these beautiful and sweet reunions that no one dared to hope for. A very nice moment to live in the video below.


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