This rabbit has teeth so long that he could not eat

Abandoned and delivered to himself, this rabbit was in a deplorable state.

The month Lastly, by moving into a new house, a woman found in the yard three abandoned rabbits in a dog transport box .

"They were in a deplorable state . The transport box had not been cleaned for months and was covered with urine and stool. The rabbits did not have enough to eat and were fighting each other... "says Jennifer McGee who works for the Georgia House Rabbit Society.

Two of the three rabbits easily found homes for a second chance, but not the third who was also the one in poorer health. Renowned Gnocchi, the rabbit remained at the shelter where he was treated to various treatments. Because not only his coat was in a very bad condition, but his teeth were so long that he could not eat !!

According to the association, it is because this rabbit does not a never had a suitable diet that his teeth were curved in this way and too much length. As a result, Gnocchi had a hard time feeding himself and especially chewing.

In order to help Gnocchi, the association took him to the vet to see what was possible for his teeth. . This is where the decision was taken to remove them entirely , which is a bit traumatic for the animal, but seemed to be the best thing for him.

immediately started eating again. He was so happy not to have his teeth that he ate nonstop for at least an hour!

In a few days, Gnocchi will finally be offered for adoption so that he can find a family for life and start a new life. In the meantime, he continues to catch on the beast and is adorable with everyone.

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