This quadriplegic kitten surprised everyone by walking, 5 years later...


It was in August 2012 that a four-week-old kitten was cared for by the Tenth Life Cat Rescue Association after being found by a lady, lying on the ground near her house . During his rescue, the adorable little ball of hair does not move an inch, and his paws do not respond to any stimulation. The only thing this kitten could do was curl up to prove that he wanted more than ever to fight for his life.

After a control visit to the vet, it turns out that the kitten has no bones injured. If he can not move, then it is because of a probable neurological lesion or spinal cord. It's hard to know how this will change over time.

But everyone was determined to fight with him. Several times a day, the kitten must undergo therapy in order to heal. Several arrangements are made to help him with daily eating, washing...

Lincoln, the kitten began to show signs of improvement after a week of treatment. For him, just moving his leg a little was already a giant step towards a new life !

Every day, Lincoln was getting stronger and stronger until he manage to take his first steps! A real small miracle for all the members of the association who had never lost hope

Today, 5 years later , Lincoln is almost unrecognizable! Become a big and beautiful cat, the cat is as agile as a panther. Not only is he able to walk, but also to run everywhere, to jump...

Thanks to a lot of love and determination, miracles can sometimes occur.

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