This puppy with torn legs is a miracle! (Photos)

Named Fu Rui by his saviors and benefactors, this adorable doggie of a month is hardly a true force of the nature whose will to live has made it possible to escape the worst.

Veterinarians do not know exactly how this little puppy suffered such injuries, even if they suspect human torture, or how this tiny hairball was successful to survive but what is certain is that she has incredible strength. The baby animal was found in early July on the edge of a road in China where crawled desperately with the help of his front legs because the rear ones were almost ripped. He was immediately taken care of by the Qiming Small Animal Protection Group, who transferred him to the Chengdu Xin Zhi Lv Veterinary Clinic for emergency treatment.

An amazing taste for life

Unfortunately, the veterinarians could not do anything for its members who had begun to be infested with maggots and the tiny dog ​​had to be amputated . "The operation was very risky because the puppy is very young. But he was very strong during the intervention, says Dr. Li Xiaokun, admiring, MailOnline . He is now stable. We are monitoring him 24 hours a day, but is recovering very well .

The small animal will have to undergo a second operation because there was not enough skin to completely cover his paws to allow him to heal well. He will then need a wheelchair to facilitate his movements.

The case of this little puppy has upset many Chinese citizens who have mobilized to finance its operations. The association asked them to vote for his name and Fu Rui was chosen. It means "free" and that's exactly what his saviors want him to be despite his disability for the rest of his life to which he has been terribly hooked.

For the organization, the story of this puppy is also an opportunity to reiterate the urgent need to legislate for the welfare of animals in the country where no text to this effect exists today.

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