This puppy suffers from a rare disease that strikes his face... and makes him even more adorable!

With a genetic mutation, this young dog is very special. Its physical peculiarity makes it even more unique than ever... but no matter: it is adorable.

Like all the young canines who respect each other, Enzo the Golden Retriever loves to play, sleep, meet new people and enjoy his masters . But if he does talk about it, it is not for his joy of living small doggie. Indeed, the latter has a rare genetic mutation which gives it a special charm.

It suffers from a somatic mutation. Like vitiligo, this disease is not painful for the animal. It just impacts the pigmentation of its coat. That's why he has a pretty black spot in the middle of his cream-colored face.

The puppy is not aware of its difference... and that's good! He lacks nothing, makes the happiness of his family and attracts curious glances.

Many people wonder about him. His teachers take the opportunity to answer them, tell them about their companion's illness and prove to them that one can be a Golden Retriever... and have two colors!

He is adorable is not it?

Its unusual appearance makes its charm...

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