This policeman sees his cat bring him a bag, he looks in and does not come back!

Some cats really have a sense of humor!

Tigger is an adorable red cat that looks quite classic. But in reality, he hides a darker secret: he loves to steal anything and everything ! It's quite simple, everything under his nose is good to be stolen and brought back to his master who is no other than an Oregon policeman.

Rubbish, underwear, toys, gloves... everything goes on there. But more recently, Tigger has done even better by stealing a bag full of marijuana! A discovery that obviously left his master speechless.

"I sit down with my cup of coffee, read the paper, and every day I wait to see what Tiggr brings back to me. This is my routine, "explains the policeman with a smile.

Below, you can get to know Tigger the Cleptomaniac cat better and discover a small anthology of everything he has stolen over the months. And even if the drug is undoubtedly its greatest feat, there are still a lot of other very unusual things in the list !

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