This octogenarian invented the abandoned dog train!

Eugene Bostick is one of those people whose generosity has no limits. At 80, this retiree has chosen to use his free time to help stray dogs in his neighborhood.

Indeed, for fifteen years , man from Fort Worth, Texas, collects abandoned dogs in his neighborhood. After having them sterilized and castrated by the veterinarian, he feeds them and takes care of them daily. But the most incredible remains to come...

More than security and survival, Eugene also wanted to offer happiness to these dogs. Even though his animals have room to run on his farm, he thinks it would be nice to take them on trips too. Only, it is a little complicated to move a dozen dogs at the same time... When one day he had the most fun and original idea to move dogs!

« I am a pretty good welder, so I took these plastic barrels, put them on wheels and tied them together , "he explains. The result? A train for dogs!

Every week, it's full of excitement that the adorable hairballs get on board their shuttle driven by their very nice master installed on his tractor. " Every time they hear me hook the tractor they are all excited! They all run and jump in their wagon and are ready to go "says Bostick happily.