This man wants to kick a stray dog ​​but karma punishes him directly (Video)

He tried to mistreat a defenseless animal, very badly took it from him!

In this world where atrocities committed against animals are unfortunately legion, see that justice is sometimes done alone and dream is rather reassuring. This man certainly thought he could perpetrate his mischief with impunity but nature or karma decided otherwise, to the delight of Internet users.

Well done!

In a video currently the buzz, we can see a beach attendant from an unidentified country enjoying the last rays of the sun running towards a stray dog ​​walking quietly at the water's edge, likely to give him a shot WATCH: Man tries to kick stray dog ​​but suffers instant karma when...

Except that the dog sees it coming and escapes at the last moment, leaving the man falling heavily on his buttocks. But that's not all ! Suddenly, a

stray dog ​​pack disembarks and begins to chase it. He flees awkwardly and ended up falling again, in the water this time. In the dry, the animals look at him and then end up going on their way. A good lesson! To read also: Their dog disturbs neighbors by barking, justice makes an absolutely horrible decision