This man rescued in extremis a suffocating dog in a car

Clive Oxley noticed a dog locked up and visibly very badly in a car parked in full sun. He did not hesitate before breaking the glass to let him breathe. Thanks to him, he is safe.

All associations and veterinarians keep repeating: never leave your pet in your car, especially in hot weather. The temperature in the cockpit can quickly double that outside and turn the inside of the vehicle into a dangerous furnace for an animal (and any living being) that risks suffocating . That's exactly what happened to a dog in St Ives, Cornwall, West of the UK last Friday. And he would certainly have succumbed if Clive Oxley had not saved him.

Critical Condition

A friend reported the animal to him while he was out for food. Immediately, the man went on site to check the condition of the dog. He discovers on the back , tongue hanging, breathing very hard. Seeing the parking ticket, he sees that the car has been there for almost 1h30. He immediately calls the police who advise him to do nothing unless the dog is in danger. Feeling that this one is actually very bad, he decides to break one of the windows to at least allow the dog to breathe a little better.

Man rescues trapped dog from a hot car in Cornwall

He would have died within 10 minutes . He could not even lapping the water when we took it out, "says the Good Samaritan at Cornwall Live . Following the rescue, the local police issued a statement reminding them of the danger of leaving their pet in a car. Agents finally arrived and a few seconds later, the mistress returned to her vehicle. The latter, very angry, claimed to have been absent only a few minutes to order pizzas. Our two heroes were invited to resume their activity but they could see the dog and his mistress surrender to the police station . It's unclear what has emerged, but many have condemned his negligence and praised Clive Oxley's action.

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