This little kitten miraculously must wear an eye patch, a month later...

A real little pirate!

Scar is an adorable kitten who had difficult beginnings in life . Discovered alone in nature more than two hours from any civilization, the cat was lucky to be rescued.

"On the spot, we discovered that he had both his eyes. But if one oelig; it was perfectly fine, it was not the case of the second. He was totally infected and swollen , says the person who saved this kitten

Time is running

After three hours of driving, the kitten is finally at a vet to help to cure her infection so that it does not contaminate her whole body. Unfortunately, the veterinarian gives a very pessimistic verdict: the kitten needs an operation to remove the infected, but since he is very young he might not survive .

Fortunately the operation went very well. Only a few minutes after awakening, Scar was already starting to purr.

A cover to protect himself

Back in the house of his savior, Scar accidentally pulls off her stitches. As a result, his adopted mother decides to find a solution so as not to spoil his love and he asks an acquaintance of him to make a little cover-up . The result is absolutely adorable!

Not at all bothered by this cover-up, Scar is getting a little stronger and growing stronger every day. More and more player, the kitten loves to follow his mistress everywhere, especially at the beach where he takes a lot of fun to run!

Instagram post by Scar

In short, a new life for this little pirate who had good need.

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