This little cat has survived a fall of the 6th floor!

A real little Wonder Woman on legs

Only six months old, Nora already has a small heroine. And for good reason since she survived a fall from the sixth floor. Unfortunately for this Little Wonder Woman on Legs , she did not come out of this fall totally unscathed...

Significant injuries

Veterinarians in the Emergency and Critical Care Unit Angell Animal Medical Center evaluated the young feline and diagnosed pneumothorax - a potentially lethal accumulation of air between the chest wall and lungs that often results from trauma. But the veterinarians still think that the little cat will get away with it.

For 48 hours after her rescue, little Nora had to stay in an oxygen box to help her breathe. Now she has left the medical center and continues to recover at her pace next door in the adoption center. Indeed, the owners of Nora have decided to abandon , so she needs to find a new family.

Caution in summer with cats

" Cats falls are very common in summer because people are more likely to leave their windows and doors open because of the heat, "says an employee at the Adoption Center. It is therefore necessary to be doubly vigilant. Of course, because she can not in any case afford to make a new fall, Nora will have to be adopted by people with protected windows.

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