This 5-year-old boy has only one obsession: to save stray cats from his city

Since he was born, Shon lives surrounded by tomcats which he has always taken care of with his uncle and his aunt who have done their job. Despite his young age, he wants to walk in their steps and continue their great work.

For 10 years now, Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin have been taking care of stray cats in difficult areas of Philadelphia and have helped more than 40 they succeeded in getting adopted or at least sterilized when they proved impossible to domesticate. And for two years, a new recruit has been helping them and showing unparalleled devotion. This is their nephew Shon , now 5 years old

A magic power on cats

If the couple first hesitated to take him with them Their visits to the various feline colonies they follow because of his young age, he quickly saw that the little boy was passionate and especially, he managed to approach the wildest tomcats. "They did not run away, on the contrary, they were attracted by him , explains to The Dodo Kris. He scratched their belly and their head. It was amazing to see these cats that we could not touch immediately being let by him. He has a magic effect on them.

Shon loves these outings and those moments spent with his feline friends. "If it's raining or cold and he can not come, it hurts a lot and he cries. But as soon as he's in the middle of cats, he's in his element and does everything to help them, like the superheroes he sometimes wears.

The little boy wants to continue to take care of the cats that have become his only passion, which makes Kris and Kia very proud of their nephew, determined to do good around him and to those cats that society rejects.

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