This kitten with water in the brain should not live more than 5 months, 5 years later... (Photos)

The forecasts were not at all optimistic about the future of little Kevin but his new Mom believed in it and was right!

Tailah is a veterinarian. One day, 5 years ago, a woman brought her a kitten only 4 weeks old that she found lost or abandoned in a parking lot. After examination, it turned out that the small cat suffered from hydrocephalus , that is to say a presence of water in his brain that could affect his eyesight, hearing and other functions cerebral palsy and, above all, considerably shorten its life expectancy. The colleagues of the young woman were also unanimous, the mini matou would not live more than 5 months and she should not attach too much.

Against all odds

Yet, Tailah had a real shot lightning for this ball of hair in the air constantly surprised because of his pathology and she told herself that for the few months he had to live, she was going to give him all the love he deserved. Seeing him grow and flourish, she never really lost the hope of seeing thwart the predictions. And indeed, against all odds, Kevin showed no disturbing signs and suffered no crisis.

Despite his illness (he is partially blind and deaf ), he became a adorable cat very strong, always curious and full of life. Today, the Russian Blue is 5 years old and he continues to impress his human with his joie de vivre.

"He is very small for his age. What he prefers above all else is playing in his "grotto", his personal balcony that we have closed and equipped with a cat flap, a small house and lots of toys, and he loves hugs, "says Tailah. Kevin is the happiness of all who meet him. It must be said that it is difficult to resist its boiling and its joy of life .

"Cats with specific needs are wonderful because they give all the love we give them "Marvels his mistress. "I'm so glad I gave him a chance . This chance, he grabbed it with his two paws and he went away with! And he will go far, hopefully, thanks to her.

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