This kitten with rabbit's feet surprises everyone with its overflowing energy (Photos)

The little Alealani is suffering from radial hypoplasia, a malformation affecting her front legs, which the force to move like a little rabbit. That does not stop him from enjoying life like any kitten.

Alealani , aka Lani, was saved from the street with his mother and the rest of his litter by the Saving association Grace Rescue of San Francisco. If all were well, the volunteers found that the kitten was much smaller than her siblings and especially, that her front legs were underdeveloped and folded inward, a congenital malformation called hypoplasia .

What a handicap?

She can not stretch these limbs and walk normally, but she has adapted herself to her disability and lives life to the full despite her difference. To move, Lani leans on her "elbows", which is far from slowing down because she manages to run easily, but when it comes to sitting, she enjoys being able to stand on her hind legs only, like a little bunny

Instagram post by Kanga Roo The Kitty

Instagram post by Kanga Roo The Kitty

Today, she lives in a host family where she has the mission to grow by gaining weight and strength and to flourish thanks to the love of her humans and all her new friends cat, including Kanga Roo , a tomcat suffering him also hypoplasia and become a star on Instagram. Lani has already resumed her life and enjoys life as a normal kitten, playing until she is exhausted, sleeping anywhere and clamoring for everything.

Instagram post by Kanga Roo The Kitty

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