This kitten who is expecting a new family has an absolutely crisp habit

Difficult not to melt!

Discovery alone in a bush, abandoned, Nugget was rescued by several people working in a clinic in New York. Quickly, the volunteers think that the little cat was abandoned here because she is very clean, not at all like a cat who would have lived all her life outside.

Once taken care of at the clinic , little Nugget gets all the attention she needs, as well as care. Once completely laid on its feet, Nugget decided to settle in an empty bowl when she had the opportunity to choose any cushion or other blankets. But no, Nugget wanted to stay in his empty bowl, which made everyone in the clinic crack.

A kitten in a bowl

Naturally, Nugget stayed in his lunchbox either to wait before vaccinations or between two games! Nothing seems to be able to keep Nugget away from her little bowl that she loves so much and where she feels good.

When she has received all vaccines, Nugget may be proposed for adoption. Let's wager that she should definitely melt absolutely everyone with her usual little habit!

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