This kitten had lost his truffle but an operation of cosmetic surgery will allow to rebuild

After a serious infection, Nigel has lost part of his muzzle but veterinarians are determined to reproduce this missing part so that he can live normally.

Nigel was found at the beginning of July near a trash can, delivered to himself, by a good Samaritan who immediately took him to a shelter of the MSPCA. The kitten of a few weeks was baptized Nigel and examined by veterinarians. The latter noticed discolouration of the truffle, a sign that usually indicates respiratory tract infection . The small ball of red hair was therefore put on antibiotics

Serious consequences

Unfortunately, after a week, the skin at the end of its muzzle began to fall , exposing a large part teeth and jaw in the front which makes feeding and hydration very complicated. But this handicap does not prevent little Nigel from enjoying his kitten life , playing like crazy and worshiping the company of the shelter's humans who can not do enough for him.

But soon, Nigel will be able to live even more normally because in 1 month, Angell Animal Medical Center veterinarians will perform an operation to rebuild his snout using existing facial tissue to fill the hole exposing his stuffy. They are very confident about this intervention. When fully delivered, Nigel will then be sterilized and microchipped and adopted to find a family for life.

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