This kitten considered too "ugly" to be loved proved that everyone was wrong

Sometimes the difference can also be a force.

Romeo was just a tiny ball of hair when he was saved by Santuario Compasion Animal .

we were on our way to a rescue, we came across this kitten that did not look like the others and was rejected because of its difference , "said Laura Llacer who works for the association.

On site, no one wants this different cat deemed too ugly to be loved. Laura Llacer then decides to take her to give him a chance to live like any kitten of his age. Because that's what he was: a kitten quite normal. But in this small village in Spain, nobody seemed to understand that being different is not a problem ...

A new life for Romeo

Now warm in the shelter Romeo quickly found his place and proved to everyone how badly he was a cat at the big heart. One day, Romeo was nowhere to be found ... Then everyone goes looking for him and the cat is discovered in the infirmary, keeping company with a sick chicken. In short, a cat with a huge heart who only wants to love and be loved.

At the shelter for over a year today, Romeo became a big and beautiful cat. awesome coat! A real teddy bear who loves to be the center of attention wherever he goes and spend time with the volunteers of the shelter.

A ball of love.

El gatito Romeo has raised a bill in the Santuario

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