This kitten cuddles his adoptive father, a big loving dog (Video of the day)

Rook found his new role when his mistress brought baby cats for a few weeks only.

Her mistress is a veterinarian Rook was used to seeing her take care of various sick or injured animals. He has always helped her take care of him, like an assistant. But when she brought back a litter of 4-week-old orphan kittens, the Alaskan Malamute Crusader and 2-year-old German Shepherd discovered a new mission: to protect at all costs those tiny balls of hair in search of love. . He became their adoptive father, despite their differences. Here we see him sharing an affectionate moment with Columbus , a small red and white cat with whom he has developed a special bond. The dog may be impressive, he plays with softness and delicacy with his dad Rook. A scene absolutely adorable!

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