This is Yana, the adorable, dreamy cat dreaming of dethroning Venus on the Internet

True web-celebrity, Venus the two-faced cat has nothing to fear about its fame . Well, that was until Yana made a name for herself on social networks...

At the time, Venus' atypical pace had unleashed passions: for many, she could not really exist in because of his face perfectly divided in red on one side and black on the other . This is how the kitten became known as THE cat potentially chimera (with two different DNA in the body, ed) the most famous of all the Earth. But today, she has competition: Yana, a young cat also with a double-sided

His nascent celebrity on the Web? She owes it to Elizabeth, her young mistress. The latter wanted to show that Venus was not alone and wanted to highlight the special beauty of these amazing cats... which remain mysteries for the experts in genetics.

1. This is Yana, the adorable two-faced

2 kitten. No, she is not photoshopped: her coat is really

3. His peculiarity, like Venus before her, made him famous on the Web

4. Yana loves to go on a leash with her mistress

5. And she also seems to enjoy the snow

6. Like any self-respecting cat, Yana climbs everywhere

7. But her face divided into two distinct parts makes her beautifully different

8. Like Venus, we can see that she has a little blue in her eyes: a rare phenomenon when the cat is not all white

9. It is his peculiarity that has caught the eye of his adoptive

10. So yes, she is different. But she seems very happy anyway!

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