This is Sophie, the longest fur cat in the world

At the age of 2, pretty Sophie, a cat from Oceanside, California, made a few days ago his appearance in the record books. It has just registered the new record for the longest coat in the world . Sophie succeeds the late Colonel Meow , a true feline star who died at the beginning of the year.

Sophie's longest hairs, those of her tail, measure up to 25, 68 centimeters . It's a bit more than Colonel Meow's, which was 23 centimeters long.

From a paper bag to the pages of the record book

This beautiful cat was adopted by a great animal lover, Jami Smith, who is a volunteer in a shelter Their meeting is a chance , or maybe fate some say.

"I was walking my dog, a Sunday afternoon, when a A couple driven truck stopped, they held a small paper bag out the window and asked me if I wanted a kitten, "she says. The hairball, about three weeks old, was left in front of their door and they were looking for a family for her, at least that's what they explained.

Jami took the kitten with her and never left her again, she originally intended to take her to a shelter, but " after 30 minutes... I had taken love for her "she says.

She has never regretted her choice, even when she spends hours brushing her long, long coat! Jami had to feed the bottle-kitty and give her care The young woman says she was very afraid of losing her little protege, but over the weeks and months, Sophie has grown admirably, and as she grew up, her coat kept growing to become exceptionally long .

"There are so many cats and dogs in the world that are abandoned and are just as special in their own way as my Sophie "recalls Jami, who hopes by telling her story to encourage future pet owners to take refuge.

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