This is Lucey, the most beautiful Bulldog of the year 2014!

Her name is Lucey, only 18 months old, and has just put on the pole 49 competing by winning the title of the most beautiful Bulldog of 2014 !
The young dog is indeed the new star of the American University Drake , which organizes every year a large contest to elect his new mascot. Lucey thus takes the place of Huckleberry, sacred in 2013.

A future therapy dog ​​

His mistress, Tiffany Torstenson, surgeon in a center specialized in the fight against breast cancer, is not a little proud, she dreams of seeing Lucy become a therapy dog.

"She is very calm and loves people, she likes attention," she told AFP. Lucy was then to be delighted on Monday, when all eyes were on her at the time of her coronation. Because in addition to a delicious cake, the ball of hair has received a crown and a cape worthy of the queen that she will be for a whole year.

Tiffany is full of praise for her companion with 4 legs. She says she often takes her to work with her, and her behavior with doctors and patients can only reinforce her desire to make her a therapy dog. Toby, Tiffany's husband, is also crazy about the bitch. "She's kind to kids, she's kind to adults. She's just a wonderful bitch " he confides.

A tribute to the Bulldogs

This was the 35th edition of the competition launched in 1979 by the University of Iowa. An event organized to elect the mascot of the establishment but also to honor a touching dog breed, very beloved for his peculiar physique, his snoring and... his drool!
More than one hundred Bulldogs owners presented their dog, but only 50 doggies, from all over the United States , were selected for the competition.
Among them, a certain Capone, who despite his remarkable entry aboard his skateboard , could not compete with the pretty Lucey. It must be said that the young bitch had not skimped on the means to seduce the jury. The beautiful had donned her most beautiful pink tutu !