This Husky found on the street looked like a skeleton, 10 months later he is unrecognizable (Photos)

A really amazing change.

Anyone who has ever visited the beautiful island of Bali knows that, as surprising as it is, they have a stray dog ​​problem and it is quite common to meet street dogs when walking around towns and villages.

Fortunately, many people struggle on a daily basis to help these needy dogs.

A Husky in Pitiful Condition

It's in the streets of Denpasar that Rico - Elderly 26 years old - crossed a small dog Husky breed in great danger. Particularly skinny - you could see each bone - the dog had also lost most of her hair. But still, her beautiful blue eyes still shone with a glow that meant she was going to fight for her life.

Immediately, Rico knew that there was something special with this bitch that he came across from work. He then decided to do everything to help him get the hair of the beast and get better. And as a message and symbol, he decided to name the little dog Hope, which means hope.

New hope

Month after month, Rico and his family took care of little Hope to make him gain weight, which was the most urgent. Because she was so skinny when she was found that she no longer had a lot of time to live

Today, ten months after her rescue, Hope is simply unrecognizable. She regained her joie de vivre, but also her "normal" appearance. Her beautiful blue eyes shine with a new light, because she knows that she does not have to be afraid anymore and that everything will be fine.

On the Internet, everyone congratulated Rico for this wonderful job in base of patience and love . It's true that Hope looks like another dog.

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