This guide dog films the daily life of his blind master, the result is astounding

A blind Englishman decided to bring a GoPro camera to his guide dog. His goal: to show the difficulties he encounters in the street

Coups given voluntarily, sighs of annoyance, incivility... Here is the lot of hassle of which Amit Patel is regularly victim. This 37-year-old Londoner lost his sight in 2012, due to a degenerative disease, keratoconus.

His guide dog is a sandy Labrador female, named Kika. For over a year, she has become her eyes. Thanks to her, Amit Patel can walk the streets of London and take public transport . But not always without difficulty

Indeed, this young father is sometimes victim of hostilities and discriminatory rudeness. His dog takes shots of bag or umbrella, while it faces him the remonstrances of angry people that his dog takes all the space on the escalators...

Videos that show indifference or ill will

Amit Patel wanted to denounce these acts by placing a GoPro on the back of his bitch. Every night, his wife watches the most significant videos and posts on Kika's Twitter account. Images that have become viral as they are crying with truth, as evidenced by these:

"How many transport workers will look at us before offering their help?

Kika on Twitter

"That's what I see when I take dad into the escalators"

Kika on Twitter

Fortunately, Amit Patel wants to be objective: in the many interviews that he has given, he insists that only 1% of the population is rude and arrogant . "Most of the time, travelers have fun with Kika."

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