This family has found its missing cat thanks to a medium

The Wajsblat family of Rhode-Saint-Genèse (Belgium) had the chance to find his white Persian named Kenzo after his mysterious disappearance. These incredible reunions could not have taken place without the intervention of a medium.

Chantal Wajsblat lost her faithful companion at the beginning of the week Unusual situation for her since « Kenzo does not never go out when we are not present. When it is called, it comes directly. This cat is like a dog , said the owner of the animal .

Devastated by her disappearance, she decides to start looking for her Persian. Posters at the vets, posts on social networks, ads in Pet Alert, searches in the neighborhoods surrounding his property, nothing makes it... Kenzo can not be found .

It is by talking to his around the loss of the cat that a friend advises him to talk to a medium. The latter quickly feels that the cat is still alive and that it is imperative to continue the search.

The cat would have been stolen

Lost and having no more solution, Chantal contacts a medium: Hélène who is part of her circle of acquaintances. The latter, saddened by the distress of the cat owner, quickly agrees to help her.

It is then that the medium realizes that Kenzo has been stolen , that he is locked up in a house in the neighborhood of Chantal. The medium, thanks to his incredible abilities is able to describe the house where Kenzo is held. The owner of the feline therefore goes to the two foci most corresponding to the description given by Helen. In one of them, we hear a cat meowing. The Wajsblat family knocks on the door in the hope that someone opens... but unfortunately nobody answers.

However, a few days later, the cat is back in their garden. Today hui, chantal Wajsblat still does not know more about the kidnappers who tried to steal his dear Kenzo, but the latter expects to be more vigilant during the feline outings.

« It's a story crazy ", assured Chantal to the newspaper Without this seer, the young woman would surely never had the chance to be able to hold his companion in his arms again. In addition to being crazy, this story is indeed moving!

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