This English bulldog has the life of an adventurer of whom we all dream!

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Bentley , the previously sluggish Canadian dog, found a new hobby thanks to his mistress's boyfriend. With the help of Bradley Friesen, he has indeed become a co-pilot and follows him on all his adventures! Bentley is a magnificent four-year-old English bulldog living in Vancouver who lives his life to the full. . For the past year, he has been Bradley's helicopter co-pilot. But it's not only his co-pilot, he's also and especially his best friend


At the beginning of their adventure, Bentley was getting into the helicopter when he started, then little by little he discovered the joys of helicopter flights in the rear seat of the aircraft From that point on, Bentley did not manage to do without towers with his sidekick. « He's crazy about the helicopter. At home if I say the word "helicopter", he starts whimpering and whining , "delivered Bradley to

BuzzFeed Canada. But do not worry, the bulldog does not risk anything since it has its own equipment

: ear protection and harness are dedicated to its safety on board. Since these outings, Bentley has turned into a real dog. adventure

: hiccup with his best friend on a frozen lake in the mountains, admire breathtaking views in western Canada, "hit the pose" in front of beautiful landscapes, meet new friends.... we do not stop it any more!

Well, we must confess this bulldog has stung the life we ​​had dreamed... but hey, he is right to enjoy: after all, we would do the same with his place! Do you also dog your adventurer? If so, feel free to share it with us on our page Facebook

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