This dog who lives in a shelter makes his bed every day (Video)

At home!

Tyke is a senior dog who lives in a shelter in New York City waiting to find a family for life. And what Tyke likes the most in life is live comfortably ! It is for this reason that the adorable dog makes his bed every day when he returns from walk. Nothing like a cozy place to rest and wait to meet the family of his dreams.

"Tyke is really a good beast! Every day when returning from his walk, he makes his bed . An adorable routine that makes everyone fall in the shelter. He's expecting a family today, "Tyke's cabin crew members wrote while sharing a video of the dog making his bed.

Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc (ARF)

more than just cross your fingers so that the adorable Tyke finally finds the family of his dreams and can have a real home just for him.

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