This dog who has gone through hell befriends a horse (Video)

Absolutely loveable

Love can heal all wounds, even the deepest and animals have this incredible resilience ability. The story of Solomon - among many others - is proof of this. Saved while living in terrible conditions in a meat farm , the dog was given a second chance

A beautiful friendship with a horse

Placed in a family of welcoming a possible adoption, Solomon had the chance to cross a beautiful horse, animal he had obviously never seen in his life. Against all expectations, the dog does not seem frightened by this huge horse who approaches him to kiss him. Solomon remains calm, as if he understood that nothing bad could happen to him now. A friendship as beautiful as surprising , as happens sometimes in the world of animals

Like many animals saved from horrible conditions, Solomon has a lot of love to give and needs to receive a lot. Today, this brave dog has found a place in a family who decided to adopt him and to offer him the chance he had been waiting for so much .

Below, you can discover the touching video of Solomon kissing the horse of his host family.

An Unlikely Friendship

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