This dog was dying, when veterinarians understood why they were stunned

Ice has almost died...

Sometimes shelters have no choice but to euthanize animals when they are seriously ill or injured. But sometimes fate decides otherwise .

When Ice arrived at a shelter, he looked very bad and had little chance of surviving. It was clear that the puppy was going to be quickly euthanized . This is where Vet Ranch came in to save his life and give him a second chance

A difficult rescue

Ice was so bad he could barely hold his head . The battle was therefore very difficult. To understand the condition of this poor doggie, Vet Ranch gives him blood tests and the results are very surprising : Ice suffers in particular from a very severe anemia and his blood sugar level is so he is close to coma . In the midst of these results, veterinarians decide not to lose a second.

Immediately, the small Husky is put on a drip for a chance to get out . But despite a higher sugar level, it is still very weak and lethargic. It will be a few hours before Ice shows a first sign of improvement by raising his head. A real victory for everyone

But the road was still long

A new Ice

A week later, little Ice is already better and even starts to eat alone, under the emotional gaze of all the volunteers who understand then that he is shot .

After two weeks of care, Ice makes new blood tests that all come back normal: the most difficult was behind him. Thanks to these positive reviews, Ice was able to join a host family where he was particularly happy. So much so that this family has decided to adopt , can not imagine parting with him.

A story that ends well for this beautiful pup who had such a difficult start in life. Below, you can discover in video a part of the life of Ice.

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