This dog is waiting for a train every night for an overwhelming reason (Video)

A really heartbreaking video.

In the city of Mumbai, India, a dog was filmed last January 2 waiting for a train at night. Since that day, the dog returns every evening around 11 pm to wait for the same train to Kalyan on platform 1. When the train passes, she starts to run, looking everywhere, as if she was looking for someone in particular

A lost mom

Several days ago, a computer scientist named Sameer Thorat filmed the dog waiting and then continuing the train. Every day, he goes to work from 3 pm to midnight and has the opportunity to meet this dog who has just given birth to four adorable puppies . Quickly, the video went around the world and people worried about puppies. For the moment, it is impossible to move the little family because the puppies do not have their eyes open yet and are therefore too small.

If no one knows for sure why this dog acts in this way, Sameer Thorat is certain: she was probably abandoned because she was pregnant . Today, it is very likely that she is looking for the person who decided to abandon her.

Today, even though this dog mum will probably never see the person she is waiting so optimistically, she can look forward to having dozens of travelers watching over her and her young ones. When they are old enough to be adopted, the puppies will be offered for adoption and the mother will be taken in.

Below, you can see the famous video that is currently much talked about.

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