This dog takes his master to a mysterious box and becomes a hero

While walking with his mistress, Aragon the dog made a discovery that was going to change everything!

Volunteer for SCARS, an organization for the defense of animal rights, the mistress from Aragon has the habit of surveying the mountains of Greece at looking for abandoned animals in distress . Regularly, the two accomplices save many lives, but they did not expect that they would find in this box!

A mysterious box

It is during one of these walks that Aragon all of a sudden guided his human to a box a little behind. A box that may have never been found without the help of the dog who became a real hero since she was full of abandoned kittens !

"This time, the kittens had really lucky, "says the mistress of Aragon. And to add that without the presence of mind and the flair of the animal, never these kittens would have had second chances.

A papa very present

Transported safely in a shelter, the kittens have had a lot of luck and are now in good hands. And to everyone's surprise, Aragon has become very close to his little proteges that he does not leave more than one sole and that he takes a lot of fun to cuddle!

«Aragon is very attentive about kittens . From the moment he met them, he felt the need to take care of them.

In good health, kittens are now available for adoption.

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