This dog looks up at the sky, when his masters understand why they burst out laughing (Video)

She no longer left the sky with your eyes!

Some dogs make us die of laughter. This is the case of Blue, an adorable bitch who is the star of a video that begins to talk a lot about her .

On a beautiful evening, Blue goes out in the garden of his house with his master to play ball. So far, nothing extraordinary. His human throws him the ball several times, then does what everyone does at one time or another: he pretends to throw the ball, but actually keeps it in his hand. Blue rushes out believing that the bullet has been thrown, raises his head to the sky and starts barking like a mad . She continues to run looking up to the sky.

Surprised, Blue's master then raises his head to see what can disturb his dog so much. It is in seeing the moon in the sky that he understands . Blue has confused the moon with her ball and thinks that her human has thrown the ball into the sky without it falling!

A video not to be missed as it is fun.

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