This dog has returned 11 times to the shelter, when employees understand why they are upset

11 times adopted, Gumby returned 11 times to the shelter.

It was at the age of four that Gumby arrived at a shelter in the city of Charleston in the United States. Affectionate and fit, Gumby quickly finds a first family, but things go wrong and the dog returns to the shelter. In two years, the dog will have been adopted 11 times, returned to the shelter eight times and left on the street three times. There was therefore a problem with him .

Faced with these multiple returns, members of the shelter begin to ask questions. Why does this dog fail to adapt to a new family? Quickly, they understand that Gumby actually has a mission within where he is very attached to everyone.

Every time a new dog arrives at the shelter, Gumby is always there to welcome him, reassure him and offer him a little company. A true vocation for this brave dog who loves to do that.

Better yet, Gumby has even quickly shown his ability to donate blood to cure sick cats. A true little hero who has now found his place since everyone understood that Gumby had to stay at the refuge to fulfill the mission of his life .

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