This dog has the most cute of reactions when its human whistles (Video of the day)

Your attention please: this Tuesday morning, we got our hands on the most touching reaction that he is! Echo, an adorable dog, loves to imitate her mistress... when she whistles! And it is likely to make you crack...

Star of the Web in the making thanks to its fluffy white dress immaculate, Echo Samoyed will soon make him talk about him. And for good reason, behind his soft appearance of plush and his player side barely concealed, the very charismatic dog who has already seized Instagram , YouTube and begins his ascent on Facebook , seems to be full of talent

Exactly like the pack of huskies able to push the ditty with his mistress of which we had spoken to you last February on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Echo sings he too with his human. And when it begins to whistle, it gives the best of himself to accompany it.

It is adorable, is not it?

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