This dog has found THE solution to never return from the park (or not)

When it comes to returning from her walk in the park, Poppy is generally moderately motivated.

Poppy is a clever little dog who loves going for a walk in the park with his mistress. So when it comes time to go home and stop running everywhere, the dog is clearly less motivated and does everything possible to glean a few precious minutes .

Poppy, the queen of hide-and-seek!

To make her mistress forget that it was time to go home, Poppy found THE solution: go to hide behind tall grass and not to move . At all. A hiding place that the dog finds visibly perfect when in reality it is not the case.

« She thinks that I do not see . Every time we go to a park, she does the same thing, "says her amused mistress.

Lisa Brownson

Persuaded that her trick works perfectly, Poppy usually stays in her hiding place for five to ten minutes , making mine not to hear the calls of his mistress . It is only when the latter pretends to leave and store her things that the bitch decides to leave her hiding place.

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