This dog hardly looked like a dog 10 days ago, today it is unrecognizable!

A real survivor

A few days ago, a dog named Grohl had the chance to be supported by an association. In a deplorable state , the poor animal had the hair so tangled that he could not see anything. He was also covered with larvae and totally emaciated. In short, a very sad picture.

In order to help him, Trio Animal Foundation had to start by completely shaving the dog so that he could later manage his irregular heartbeat. Unfortunately for Grohl, the larvae had already started to nibble at his skin and had even made a "hole" in his face

10 days after his rescue, thanks to a good bath, shaved hair and shock treatment, Grohl is totally unrecognizable . More fit than ever, the dog even enjoys playing for long minutes.

A real flying who deserves this second chance that life has just given him. Below you can discover Grohl on video!

Trio Animal Foundation

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