This dog only had a few more hours to live but he helped his new human

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Ravi had only skin on his bones when he was rescued by the SPA and entrusted to his new mistress in full chemotherapy. When he was saved by the SPA, Ravi had only 24 hours to live

. Dying of hunger, the dog had only the skin on the bones. As he began to regain strength, Ravi was greeted by Gayle, a 49-year-old woman suffering from cancer. Having just started her chemotherapy, Gayle was not at her best and needed a little support. " I felt worse

, and that's where that my friend told me about this emaciated dog who needed help and would be a nice distraction during my treatment. I immediately understood that it was my destiny. And the least we can say is that the blow of heart between Gayle and Ravi

(which means "sunbeam") was immediate.

"Every time I came home after my chemotherapy, Ravi felt my emotions and came to join me on the couch and he landed on my knees to cuddle me. If Gayle saved Ravi's life, Ravi also totally changed his life

"What he did for me is priceless. To know that Ravi would be there on my return gave me a smile. To give him a new life when I lost mine was magic


A superb meeting

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