This dog had no hope of finding a family, its history is upsetting

She is 10 months old, but this ball of hair is far from the cliché of the adorable puppy that one would dream to nurse... The dog has indeed arrived at the center The Humane Society of Silicon Valley with its head well damaged. Flaming scars and eyelids make this poor animal a very special being that requires significant surgical care.

In the midst of all the animals that seek a family, she had little hope of finding his. But the life of this being, whose look radiates an infinite love, was going to take a new turn thanks to Christine Doblar and her daughters.

When the family encounters this Californian on all fours, is love at first sight . " My daughters were panicking that someone else could adopt ," says Christine Diblar

Once settled in her new home, the girls decide to 'call Lucky, the reason is simple :' We are as lucky as him to have him , "says his new mistress.

Lucky, despite his appearance, quickly managed to seduce his

She is pretty funny. She just has a wonderful personality. She is bubbly. She goes to each of us with as much love and exuberance. We saw other dogs before choosing Lucky, but none can be compared to her. "say her owners.

If only all the unfortunate dogs could know the same destiny...