This dog escapes from his board, which is filmed by the surveillance camera makes everyone smile (Video)

In the middle of the night, this dog decided to escape.

Because his masters went on vacation, General was placed boarding at a veterinary clinic in Stafford, England. But obviously, the dog of the Pyrenees was determined not to not stay wisely in his box .

An escape worthy of a pro

Once night fell, General decided that he It was time for him to go explore the area. Quite easily, he opens his door with a few snapshots. Then, with a baffling ease , the dog opens all doors in its path by pressing the handle.

After a few minutes exploring the scene, General finally heads out to pick a big bowl of fresh air well deserved after all these efforts. He then settles in a garden near the veterinary clinic and takes advantage of the moment.

At least until it is recovered by the police who could watch with great amusement the surveillance video showing the l ' very successful escape of the brave dog who has quietly returned to his box awaiting the return of his humans.

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