This dog broke the record of the strongest bark in the world! (Video)

At the age of 6, the dog Charlie is expected to make his entry into the Guiness book of records.

This Golden Retriever from Adelaide, in Australia, has beaten the record of the strongest bark in the world

It has dethroned Daz, the German Shepherd in London who held this record since 2009, with some 108 decibels.

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A barking as powerful as a rock concert!

Charlie, meanwhile, reached 113.1 decibels , during a organized competition in Australia. It's as much as a train when it passes right in front of you, or a rock concert!

But fortunately for its neighbors, Charlie is a very calm and very wise doggie, and he does not barks only to order , says Belinda Freebairn, her happy owner
Like her 3 daughters, Kaitlyn, Jessica, and Kayla, she is very proud of her faithful companion, who she claims is barking this way from an early age

Get to know Charlie on video!

This dog broke the record for the loudest barking in the world!