This dog attached during all his life makes his first walk (Video)

A moment of pure happiness

Life has not always been easy for Buddy, an adorable three-year-old dog who lives in the US Buddy could not go for a walk or just play at the back of the garden by his previous owner . His life was limited to the place where he was tied.

On several occasions, the neighbors tried to alert the SPA about this dog attached who was regularly beaten, in vain. It was when the owner of Buddy moved that things could have changed. Abandoned tied to a tree, Buddy received the visit of several neighbors who left him to eat, while waiting to be able to do better

A new life for Buddy

Then, a woman named Bari decided to take Buddy with her to give him a temporary roof. Unfortunately, his other dog did not agree so much and did not want a playmate. Far from giving up Buddy, Bari built a small shelter for Buddy at the back of his garden. But this could only be temporary because of temperatures in free fall . This is where Lindsay Hyslop heard about Buddy. Not being able to adopt her, she decided to do everything she could to help her and managed to get her to take charge of TEAM Dog Rescue. Thanks to this association, he could then be treated and have a chance to be adopted.

Buddy is now in a foster family in Canada where he discovers the joy of having a home and being pampered. A huge change in the life of this dog who even had the opportunity - for the first time - to go for a walk !

Team Dog Rescue

Waiting for his family for the life, Buddy enjoys the pleasures of everyday life: a cozy basket and lots of new toys! In spite of all that he has lived, he remains an absolutely adorable dog who wants only one thing: to give love and to receive it. He even learned to walk on a leash!

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