This dog always comes to see his master take his bath, the reason will make you laugh

Here's an adorable doggie!

Clark is an adorable dog. Whenever his human is going to take a shower or a bath, he is present! And if at first his human was a little surprised, it is not at all the case today. It must be said that Clark has an adorable reason to do this : he wants to help his master to pass the painful test that is the bath in his eyes.

An adorable dog

Not only Clark Spends long minutes looking after his master in showers and baths, but he does even better. At the end of a few minutes, he goes for a toy, and throws it towards his master as to offer him a small compensation to cheer him up during this ordeal .

Because he hates to take bathing and washing, Clark thinks naturally that his humans feel the same. It is therefore by pure kindness and kindness that he assists them during these moments and even offers them his toys!

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As for knowing by what miracle the master of Clark was able to photograph all this, he simply explained that as his dog always behaves like that in showers / baths, it was not difficult to keep his phone once to keep a memory

Otherwise, Clark is also a perfectly normal dog who loves to play outside, to pose for many photos and to sleep!

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