This dad did the most adorable things for his daughter's dog part of


Since Annie Shi moved from her parents home to study at university, things are not the same at home. The young girl misses her parents a lot, but they understand very well that it is a normal situation .

On the other hand, the bitch of Annie named Tara has much more difficulty to be made to this new situation because they were both inseparable for many years. Leaving for the university, Annie asked her parents to keep her informed about the behavior of her dog in her absence and that's how she discovered that things were not simple ...

A complicated absence to manage

Of course, Tara is not alone because she is well surrounded by Annie's parents who give her a lot of love every day. But this does not prevent the bitch from always looking for her mistress everywhere .

To comfort Tara, Annie's parents decide to leave the door of her room open so that the bitch can realize that her mistress was not at home, but also that she could keep certain habits. Unfortunately, Tara was heartbroken every time she entered Annie's empty room.

Annie's room is without a doubt Tara's favorite place in the house, but just not when it's empty...

A Touching Idea

To help Tara better manage her mistress's absence, Annie's father had a great idea: use her daughter's day-to-day office to make a presence in her room and allow Tara to stay there.

"Tara did not want to stay in my room if she was alone, so my father set up a small office there.

And it worked. When Annie's father is sitting at his new desk, Tara lies quietly on Annie's bed, as in the good old days .

As soon as she gets the chance, Annie goes home to her parents on weekends to find her parents and especially her little dog for whom it is always moments of great happiness.

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