This convicted dog is looking for a family not to die in a shelter

With only a few weeks to live, Ebène is looking for a family that will allow her to live her last weeks surrounded by love.

This is a sad story. A few days ago, the SPA of the city of Dole in Burgundy-Franche-Comté posted a message on his Facebook page to launch a call for help . Through this post, we discover the life of Dina and Ebènes, two dogs found in a wasteland where they lived all their lives.

After a few days in the shelter, Dina and Ebony quickly find their marks, let themselves be caressed and make the party to everyone. In short, two dogs happy to be together and happy to have been saved. Unfortunately, the fate of Ebony darkened after a visit to the vet where he was discovered a large tumor that has already destroyed the cartilage of his nose and invaded the sinuses , preventing it from breathing correctly. A tumor against which you can not do anything and that will cost you your life in a few weeks

A happy ending for Ebony?

In order to make its last days the most beautiful, the SPA of Dole has launched a bottle on the Facebook page stating that he is looking for a host family for Dina and Ebony so that he can end his life surrounded by love and in the company of his beloved sister.

For the moment, the family has not been found yet, but there is still time to embark on this beautiful adventure. Below you will find all the information to adopt these two cute doggies.

SPA of Dole & its Region (Jura, 39)

For any question, do not hesitate to call

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