This cuddly chinchilla is the happiest animal in the world (Video of the day)

Although it does not like to be manipulated wrongly and The chinchilla is a small ball of hair that seems to appreciate the tender gestures...

With its plush appearance, infinite sweetness, vivacity and curiosity, the domestic chinchilla is an adorable creature that never ends to seduce. Easygoing, playful, playful and delicate , he is indeed an excellent companion of life who will never fail to make his masters smile with big antics and frantic races as long as they let him out

However, we must not forget that, like any animal, it does not like forced hugs. On the other hand, when he asks for it and comes for it, it is for real that he appreciates it. This is not the sweet Koko Bear - chinchilla star of the Net - who will say the opposite:

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