This child was never to walk, but his dog has changed his life

Sometimes the company of an animal can forever overturn the lives of humans, especially children...

That's what happened to Tommy Jones and Bobo Born with complications and severe meningitis, the little boy would never take his first steps. To add a note of happiness in Tommy's life, his parents decide to adopt a dog . But they will not choose it by chance... " We had Bobo because Tommy had trouble understanding why he was not like other children ," says the father of the child at SWNS TV .

Bobo has also had a difficult arrival on Earth. Abandoned as a puppy, a broken and unkempt paw will keep him from walking. The Chihuahua and his best friend therefore shared this disability and could thus support each other. " They help each other, it's just unbelievable ," adds Mr. Jones.
But the best is yet to come...

"They've both started to take their first steps together! "

" Tommy began to sympathize with the dog and realized that he was different. He also saw that Bobo needed help. [...] But what's amazing is that Tommy started helping Bobo and it made him stronger , "he says.

The two friends became so merged that a few weeks only after they met, they started to walk miraculously!

While the doctors had said that Tommy would never walk, he is constantly growing! For his part, the little dog that was barely standing healed. " They both began to take their first steps together. It was unbelievable. Tommy's father marveled.

It's paw in hand that the little dog and his human have found a taste for life.

And if dogs could to change the lives of many disabled children? We remember the sublime story of Ella Peggie and her dog Snowy, both born with one less member and whose friendship has allowed them to overcome the handicap .