This cat who loves cartons accidentally sent by post!

An incredible adventure that shows that you must always be very vigilant

It's no secret that cats love cardboard boxes! Often even much more than the toy that is sometimes inside. If most of the time this passion for cardboard is completely safe, even amusing, it is not always the case since recently a cat living in Italy has lived a funny misfortune .

Sometimes, the boxes are not there to amuse the cats, but to be sent.

A very special delivery

Last week, this cat saw in the middle of his living room several particularly attractive cartons. He therefore decided to act as usual while trying to climb them for pleasure. And what was to happen happened: the cat found that this cardboard would make an ideal basket for a nap and so jumped inside to settle down and make a well-deserved nap .

This is where things get complicated.

Not seeing that his cat is installed at the bottom of the box, his mistress closes it to prepare for the expedition. The cardboard is then recovered by the carrier and sent to hundreds of kilometers ! During four long days of transit, the cat is trapped in its cardboard box without any drop of water or any food.

It is only once arrived at the sorting station that employees notice that the cardboard moves alone. They decide to open it and find the cat still healthy although severely dehydrated and exhausted by this long and stressful journey.

For her part, the owner was desperate to never see her cat again and immediately went to get it as soon as she received the carrier's call.

Let's wager that this cat is not ready to take a nap in a box again!

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