This cat, who helped her 11-year-old mistress with cancer deserves her cat title of the year

Suffering from bone cancer, little Evie suffered a heavy treatment that was difficult to bear. Fortunately, Genie was there to support her.

In March 2016, doctors diagnosed bone cancer in 11-year-old Evie Henderson. To heal, the girl had to undergo chemotherapy, several operations and stay long days on a hospital bed, away from her parents and her beloved cat, Genie. The latter was her best support in this ordeal.

Always there for her human

When her little mistress was at home, weakened by her treatment, the kitten never left her, slept constantly with her and comforted her with purring and soft hugs as soon as she did not go well. And even when she was in the hospital, the little girl was smiling again, looking at videos of her hairball.

Evie is certain, it's largely her best friend and their powerful bond that it owes its remission. His parents share his opinion, as did the Cat Protection Association, which awarded Genie the prestigious title of National Cat of the Year at an official ceremony in London. "Evie spent nearly 300 days in the hospital and knowing that she would find Genie at home gave her a goal," recalls her father Chris for BBC .

"This is my best friend and honestly, I do not know what I would do without her, "says Evie, proud of the award attributed to Genie. The little Brit remembers how the adorable pussy helped her overcome the loss of her hair . "It was very difficult for me because I had long brown hair. But it was spring and Genie was going so it was like we were losing our hair at the same time and it made it a lot easier. Today Evie is better and the link she shares with Genie is even stronger. The latter will always be there for her.

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