This cat waits every day in front of his neighbor to spend time with his lover

Ralph is always the first to meet his soul-sister, Nala, who lives in the house next door.

Ralph and Nala are very in love and they spend all the time they can together. Yet always comes a moment, at the end of the day, where they have to separate and go home. Fortunately, the two cats live next to each other and can easily meet the next day. A moment that the tiger cat is still waiting impatiently. He never misses an appointment and goes every day to find his beloved in front of his house .

Always at the rendezvous

As soon as his humans free him, he goes to the house Neighbors wisely wait for Nala in front of their French windows, as shown by this adorable photo published by one of them on Reddit. "He comes to get our cat to play every day and wait outside like that.

When it's opened, Ralph, very polite, first says hello to the masters of the little cat tortoiseshell and then comes to kiss her

Si Ralph is back to their rendezvous, Nala is worried and is looking for him everywhere .

These two really share a very strong bond . The humans of the kitten love the cat as theirs and also wait for each of his visits to watch the little feline couple have fun. "We would love to adopt Ralph, but he already has teachers," they enjoy.

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