This cat has seen 92 cats being adopted but no one wants her

The lovely Pearl has seen her whole family and all her comrades go to their new homes, without ever having that chance herself.

life was not tender with Pearl . Filed outside a veterinary clinic with her companion Topaz and their three kittens, she obviously lived a large part of her life outdoors and was wary of humans, even more so after her abandonment. When she was taken care of by RSPCA's Stapeley Barn Cattery in the UK last February, she was traumatized.

Need a little time

"When she arrived at our house, she was not no one to approach him. She was half wild and terrified by people. But little by little, she learned to trust again, "says the shelter manager in a statement. She became accustomed to the presence of the humans whose company she finally enjoyed and revealed her very playful and sweet side . However, despite its friendly nature, Pearl has always found a home.

Topaz and her 3 kittens as well as nearly 100 cats collected in this cattery were adopted, but she remained. All that this adorable little tortoiseshell tortoise asks for is a family that will know how to love her and to whom she will be able to show her beautiful personality. Today, the members of the association are astonished at not having seen anyone appearing for her who has become the oldest cat of the shelter.

"We do not understand why she is always with us because is an adorable cat who has already gone through many trials. We desperately want to find a family for him. His fate was very emotional on social networks. Hopefully this will finally allow him to fulfill his dream of being adopted.

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